I appreciate your comments.

Thanks Cat, Jackson has been much better now that we are using the right methods.  It's amazing how quickly his behavior is changing.  My confidence is coming back as well.

Thanks again. You're like a Jedi for dogs. Lol




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  • Deborah Pettitt (Tuesday, June 27 17 08:02 pm EDT)

    My first introduction to Cat was at my home visit. I have raised 4 previous puppies over the years, the last one as a therapy dog but I wanted to know more than how to teach a dog to sit or walk on a leash. Things like how do I get my new puppy to enjoy hugs.

    Cat appeared at my door wearing a belt filled with a variety of yummy dog treats and soft toys that squeaked. She got the puppy’s attention with her interesting sounds and treats. Puppy happily enjoyed learning new things.
    She had all sorts of ideas for helping my puppy and 11 yr old Portuguese water dog co exist. She also knew just how to help my 95-year-old mother avoid puppy harassment. Cat had so much practical advise in our time together and everything came from a positive approach helping the puppy to think.

    Then Cat had puppy at Puppy Camp while I was at the beach and I was stunned at the improvement. Puppy learned how to ring a bell to go out and two weeks later has not had an accident in the house. She taught her her things important to me like how to go and greet someone. Can’t say enough good things about Cat.

  • Russ Oxman (Tuesday, June 20 17 10:20 pm EDT)

    Cat is not only an amazing trainer with her vast knowledge of the canine species, but teaches you how to make training fun. As her former student and fellow trainer I aspire to be like her.

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